‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: Who Won HoH Round 3?


Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: Who Won HoH Round 3?

Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers Two rounds down and nine Houseguests left in the Big Brother Celebrity house as we head into the third round of events starting off with the first Head of Household competition. Who would grab the power of safety and nominations this week? Spoilers ahead.

The latest eviction show ended with Keshia ending her stay in the game with a tearful plea to her fellow HGs to send her home. They obliged and the BD-Shannon plan was averted. How long though before she discovers what nearly happened though and moves to exact revenge? Good times ahead if she unearths the plot!

Celebrity Big Brother Round 3 HoH Comp:

  • Ari won HoH

Lots of celebrating by Brandi and Ari when the Feeds finally came back after hours of downtime. They’re already talking with Omarosa about what they’re planning to do and that involves James going up. Will they go straight for Shannon like they wanted Ross to do last round?

Whatever they’re going to do it’ll have to wait a bit because Ari is now the one having trouble breathing. She’s having coughing fits and has to borrow Marissa’s inhaler. Soon she’s off to the DR for medical attention. Seriously. There was some comment about Ari being in front of a fan the longest. Must have been part of the comp we didn’t see.

Nominations will be coming up probably sometime tomorrow. We’ll keep watching for the spoilers.


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