‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers : Who Won Round 2 HoH?


Celebrity Big Brother Round 2

Celebrity Big Brother Round 2 The first eviction episode of Celebrity Big Brother resulted in a shocking vote flip when Chuck Liddell was evicted by a vote of 7-1, saving James Maslow. This left Omarosa and Keshia Knight Pulliam on the bottom. But what happens next and who is the second HoH? We have those spoilers!

Celebrity Big Brother Round 2 HoH Comp: -Spoilers!

  • Ross Mathews won HoH

The live feeds went down just before 9 pm PT and didn’t return until after 3 am, at which point almost everyone was asleep, making it more difficult to piece together what is happening. Ross and Marissa were in the HoH bed talking while Metta was wandering around downstairs.

The competition was Bowlerina, where the HGs faced off in one-on-one battles, spinning around and then rolling bowling balls up an alley. Marissa knocked out Omarosa and Ross knocked out Metta.

It also sounds like Metta may have tried to leave the house once again and Omarosa was taken to the hospital for an injury possibly caused by Marissa by accident. Based on how Ross and Marissa were talking, it sounds like they’re sticking with the new group and he will probably nominate Omarosa and Keshia, although I’m not sure as they didn’t specify names. However, he did rehearse his speech, saying these are the two people everyone else would’ve nominated if they won HoH.

As for the eviction fallout, Omarosa and Keshia immediately knew they were on the bottom. They talked to Metta and he claims that he thought he was voting for Chuck to stay when he told Julie Chen “I vote Chuck” on the live show, not understanding that it was a vote to evict.

Omarosa then started putting people on the spot, referring to the other half of their original group as the “white girl alliance.” Yes, she’s bringing race into it and questioning why Shannon is being the “evil, scheming bitch” that she said she didn’t want to be.

Well, Nominations will be coming up soon and we’ll keep you updated with those spoilers too.


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